I would like to introduce our singleton boy born 2/06/2023

Becorginal Braveheart aka William


dam : ChPL, GChPL Telltail Fashionably Late aka Biosu

DM,PRA,Fluff- clear HD-A, ED 0/0

sire : CH Wonderland Telltail Back to the Future aka Smarty

DM & PRA Clear / EE / Carries Coat, Hip Prelim


This is my second fully American B litter


It’s been a serious whirlwind of emotions for the past 7 days !!!

The most important is that Biosu and her baby are doing very well


I am so looking forward to watching him grow

Thank you for your help with the birth

Przychodnia Weterynaryjna Vet-Med Suchy Las

AnimaVet Gabinet Weterynaryjny Rokietnica Karolina Zadrożna

And amazing help with the puppy

Lecznica dla zwierząt w Kostrzynie SC Radoslaw Dogoński

Many thanks to Marlena Dydak and Gabinet Weterynaryjny

"Medi-Vet" clinic for providing top professional veterinarian service

2/04/2023 Biosu urodziła jedynaka synusia !!

Becorginal Braveheart aka William   


 from left fiance Smarty Rory & Dickens / Babette &  Dash 



Smarty is ‘very’ smart and happy boy.

 He has a lot of energy and is great fun to show.

He learns quickly and likes to please.  I really like him. Fun to work with. 

He is awfully pretty!

Beautiful ‘dark’ sparkling eyes and a gorgeous front. Outstanding feet!!! 

Nice topline for a Dickens son.

And a good ‘straight’ tail which he does not put over his back.

 Excellent foot timing too. 

1st place / 9 in Cardigan National Specialty 2023 !!!

Tata zostanie przystojny Smarty syn słynnego Dickensa   :


Wonderland  Telltail Back to the Future  / USA

DM & PRA Clear, EE , Carries Coat,   Good hips 


2022 Cardigan National Specialty -

1st Sweeps 9-12 Puppy Dogs & BOS /

2nd BBE Puppy Dogs


2023 Cardigan National Specialty -

he win  1st place in Bred By Adult Dogs 


breeders : Cindy Forbes & Paua O'Donnell

Mamą zostanie śliczna Bisou / import USA


 GCH, CH.PL. ZwKL 2021, 2022 



DM-clear  PRA- clear FLUFF- clear, Ee

HD - A , ED 0/0







cardigan welsh corgis

BECORGINAL Cardigan Welsh Corgis 

WZORZEC RASY Welsh corgi Cardigan