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hodowla welsh corgi cardigan

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Becorginal - needle felted dog


My hobby is creating figurines of animals, mainly dogs with the method of dry felting.

The basic material is the wool of merino sheep New Zealand, Australian and alpacas.

My first models were Welsh Corgi Cardigan and it was from them that my passion began.

I invite you to my fanpage on Facebook under the name :

Needle Felted Animal Friends - BeCorginal


Everything started from a sweet not purebred dog named Kapiś, also called Rysiek.

He looked a little bit like a dachshund with big protruding ears, his friends called him bat, and he was similar to a breed of dog that I didn't know existed yet. As a very tiny puppy he was rescued and maybe that's why he was the most faithful companion during trips and fun with Martynka and Amelka.

Kapiś was a small, energetic dog who enjoyed his presence with us for almost thirteen years and will always remain in our hearts!

After a sad farewell to our friend, we could not imagine life without a dog, looking for the right breed was guided by the appearance of Kapiś, so our choice was obvious look for yourself.




Welcome on the website of breeding of Welsh Corgi Cardigan registered in Polish Kennel Club under the auspices of International Kennel Federation - FCI.

We are home breeding Welsh Corgi Cardigan, we live in small town near Poznan.

The first dog in our house was Parys, a red brindle one, whose character made us fall in love with the breed of dogs with big beautiful ears. After two years, we decided to get another cardigan called Dasher, that was imported from North Carolina in USA.


Our dogs are part of our family, they travel with us by camper all over Europe.We participate in dog shows in Poland and other European countries with great success, we train obedience and graze sheep.

We always dreamed about a girl and at the beginning of 2021 we were joined by beautiful Bisou, who comes from an amazing breeding line.Our princess came a long way from sunny Florida, USA to Poland.



hodowla corgi

Club Welsh Corgi in Poland

International website about Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Club Welsh Corgi and Lancashire Heelers

hodowla corgi
Becorginal Cardigans

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Gorzkie Pole / k Poznania 

E-mail: becorginal@gmail.com

Tel: +48 697093561


We are a home breeding of Cardigan Welsh Corgis 

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